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BT Openreach speed up fibre broadband self-install times

Customers who don’t want an Openreach engineer to install their fibre-based broadband now won’t have to wait around for as long to get connected. 

BT’s network division will be cutting the minimum waiting time down from seven to five working days from June 2 onwards. 

Customers moving to a new area who want FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) will be pleased to learn this, as will those who or have just been able to get fibre-based broadband in their street thanks either to BT’s own commercial rollout or the many BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) schemes. 

BT Openreach speed up fibre broadband self-install times
Look Mum, no hands: Openreach engineers might not be required for every fibre broadband installation

While an extra two working days might not seem significant, this means that you could in theory order fibre broadband on the Monday and have everything you need to get going by the Friday. 

That said, Openreach says that the maximum time you’ll have to wait to get everything you need is 13 days. In the worst case scenario you’d still be left waiting the same amount of time. 

Self-install is desirable as its more convenient for busy customers who can’t be at home when an engineer is available to visit and set everything up. It’s also cheaper than an engineer visit, so there’s a cost saving as well. 

Incorrectly setting up VDSL equipment can result in customers getting slower download and upload speeds, so for those less confident customers, it’s perhaps better to go for the professional install option. 

Because of this, BT embarked on a series of trials in 2013 to ensure that self-install would be a viable option for broadband consumers. 

So far it’s just Sky that offers a self-install service for customers buying the Sky Fibre Unlimited (up to 38Mbps) and Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro (up to 76Mbps). 


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