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BT bundles Premier League football in with student broadband deals

BT has unwrapped a trio of broadband deals just in time for second year student scouting around for shared homes. 

The three new nine month broadband deals give students the option of unlimited ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband on a shorter than usual basis, to better fit the short term leases typically taken out on second and third year houses. 

All of the bundles come with unlimited downloads as standard for a little less than the regular rate. 

The up to 17Mbps Unlimited Broadband deal costs £12.50/month for 9 months (down from the regular £13/month price. If you can get FTTC where your house is, then you can get the up to 76Mbps BT Infinity 2 service for £22.50/month compared to the usual £30/month you’d normally pay. 

Related: The cheapest Sky Sports and BT Sport dealsTV channels aren’t incuded with these first two deals, but you can take advantage of the BT Sport Lite offer, which lets you stream all of BT’s Premier League games on your phone or online. 

The top level £33/month bundle gives you up to 76Mbps FTTC broadband and BT TV Entertainment Plus, which gives you every BT Sport channel plus entertainment channels like Discovery, Fox, SyFy and later this month, AMC from BT. The normal £49 activation fee for BT TV is also being waived for this deal. 

While this is a big saving – normally you’d have to pay £37.50/month for the same deal –  for some reason this is only available on a 12 month basis. So you’re going to have to be sure you’ll be living in the same house for more than nine months. Best not fall out with any of your housemates (Pro tip: don’t sleep with anyone’s boyfriends and/or girlfriends) in the meantime. 

BT line rental is also charged at the usual rate. While you could cough up for line rental saver, there’s little point if you’re not planning on staying for longer than 9 months. However if you do go for that third deal, then you could save a bit by paying £183.48 up front (equivalent to £15.29/month). 

While that’s a lot to stump up all at once, it’ll insulate you from any future rises in line rental cost for a year. 

David McDonald, director of Broadband, BT Consumer, said: “Our student broadband offers last year were incredibly popular. Building on the feedback we had, we’ve put together some really great superfast BT Infinity and BT Broadband deals this year including an option with BT TV and BT Sport. 

“They’re fantastic value for money and they all come with a BT Home Hub, free BT Sport online or with the app, BT Wi-fi at more than five million UK hotspots and online storage with BT Cloud. And unlike some companies, we never throttle your broadband speed to slow you down.”

We’ve fully broken down the prices of all three bundles here. 

  BT Unlimited Broadband BT Unlimited Infinity 2 BT Unlimited Infinity 2 and BT TV Entertainment Plus
Top download speed 17Mbps 76Mbps 76Mbps
Unlimited usage Yes Yes Yes
Broadband  £12.50/month £22.50/month £33/month
Standard Line Rental £16.99/month £16.99/month £16.99/month
Total Monthly Cost £29.49/month £39.49/month £49.99/month



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