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BT reconnects flood damaged broadband in Southampton and West & Central Downs

BT engineers have reconnected customers in Southampton and the West and Central Downs knocked offline by floods and storms. 

The extreme weather which blasted several parts of the country towards the end of December 2013 and into the new year saw thousands of customers disconnected. 

Repair teams working for Openreach, BT’s network division, have been facing down the biggest stack of repair jobs since records began and have been systematically reconnecting customers up and down the country

BT reconnects flood damaged broadband in Southampton and West & Central Downs
The Somerset Levels has experienced more than twice the average rainfall this January

Despite the good progress being made, there are still disconnected customers languishing in mid Wales and Shrewsbury, North Wales, Exeter, Taunton, Bournemouth and Guildford. 

The Environment Agency has announced an increased risk of flooding across the coastal areas of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

South east England and Gloucestershire, north west England and the Yorkshire and Hull coast will also be affected by the wind, rain and high tides over the weekend. 

High levels of rainfall predicted for this weekend could lead to further flooding which potentially slowing down progress on the outstand repair jobs and possibly causing further outages. 

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