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BT rescues flooded customers as warnings rise in Somerset

As severe flood warnings are issued for Somerset, BT engineers continue to reconnect customers blasted offline by the Christmas and New Years extreme weather. 

Engineers for BT’s network arm Openreach have reported that customers in mid-Wales and the Shrewsbury areas have had broadband services restored. 

Customers in Exeter, Taunton and Bournemouth affected by the storms and subsequent flooding towards the end of 2013 have also seen broadband and phone services restored to pre-flood levels. 

BT rescues flooded customers as warnings rise in Somerset
Flooded with work: Openreach repair teams haven’t stopped since Christmas

This just leaves customers in Truro, Guildford and parts of North Wales waiting to be reconnected. The highest levels of rainfall since records began have coincided with the biggest number of repair jobs Openreach teams have ever handled. 

Several hundred homes and businesses were deprived of broadband and phone services weeks before repair teams to get them back up and running. 

While Openreach engineers have been racing up and down the country, since last Friday a further 413 homes have been flooded as a result of prolonged rainfall. As more rain is expected over the next three days, BT could be back out on the road again before long. 


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