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BT shafts objections by Cornish villagers over broadband erection

People living in the picturesque fishing village of Newlyn had have their protests against the placement of a pole carrying superfast broadband spurned by BT.

As reported by Recombu, last November, people in Kentsella Road in the Cornish village awoke to find their views of the port and nearby St. Michael’s Mount obstructed by the erection.

According to local news website This Is Cornwall, no prior notice had been given over the long pole. BT had left a notice on the pole, advising residents they had three months to complain about the shaft. However, according to the publication the notice gave residents the wrong address to which to send complaints.

A letter, signed by more than a dozen households, was sent to BT’s chief executive, but was rejected. Graeme Hughes, BT Openreach’s high level complaints manager wrote to Zed Sinicki, a spokesman for KRABT (Kenstella Road Against BT) and told the organisation that the pole had been correctly installed and would not be relocated.

Residents have vowed to fight on and have the pole removed and have made contact with local councillors and MP Andrew George.

Sinicki said that the first thing anyone knew about the pole was when it was installed.

“It just seems as though someone at BT has said, ‘this is where we’re going to put it – it’s just tough if anyone disagrees’,” he told the publication.

He claimed that BT had one against a code of practice introduced by the Government regarding the siting of poles.

“We get plenty of visitors here in the summer taking pictures of the view; this year that view will be spoilt.”

Sinicki said that residents were now planning legal action against the telco.


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