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BT superfast broadband deal Made In Kensington and Chelsea

BT and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have shaken hands and agreed on a rollout plan for superfast broadband. 

Last year it was reported that Kensington and Chelsea residents were keen on getting faster fibre-based broadband deployed in their area but they were less keen on green street cabinets taking up space on the picturesque pavements. 

After a rather public falling out, its emerged that BT and the local authorities have come to an agreement as to where 140 cabinets will be sited so that they’re out of the way. 

BT and Kensington and Chelsea NIMBYs shake hands on superfast broadband cabinets
Fibre will now be Laid In Chelsea – see what we did there?

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Liv Garfield, CEO, Openreach, said: “The borough takes great care over its streetscape so deploying a new network in such an area can be a challenge for everyone involved, but the leadership of the borough have demonstrated a real desire over recent months to engage with us and ensure that their residents gain access to the exciting new products and services that fibre can provide.”

Over 50,000 homes and companies now stand to benefit from the rollout of next-gen broadband speeds thanks to deployment of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connections. A handful of locations will also be able to get FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) lines which provide much faster download speeds and are more future-proofed. FTTP ought to be of particular interest to local businesses as it can transform a company’s ability to operate, as we saw with Arcol Resistors during our visit to Superfast Cornwall.

Councillor Tim Ahern, the Royal Borough’s Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, said: “Fibre broadband will provide a major boost both for residents and businesses in the borough, so we’re glad to have been able to reach an agreement with Openreach which allows for the deployment of this technology whilst safeguarding the historic integrity of the borough.”

This year, BT will also be launching FTTP On Demand, a service that will allow FTTC customers to upgrade their last mile for a one-off fee.

Locations in Kensington and Chelsea are being connected as part of BT’s commercial investment which will cover roughly two-thirds of the UK with fibre-based broadband connections by 2015. This commercial rollout is separate to, but running in tandem with the many regional BDUK contracts BT has been awarded over the recent months.


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