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BT: UK broadband connections beat back St. Jude’s Storm, no major outages reported

BT has announced that despite the damage caused by the recent weather, dubbed St. Jude’s Storm, there have been no major broadband outages. 

A number of exchanges on the Openreach network have lost power due to fallen electricity cables, but back up generators have come online to provide power ensuring that customers and businesses continued to receive broadband and phone services. 
An Openreach service updated issued this morning revealed that contingency plans had been put into place. 

BT: UK broadband connections beat back St. Jude’s Storm, no major outages reported
Yonder on the horizon: Planning ahead prevented major broadband outages

Read our guide to BT’s repair logs and MBORCsThe update said: “A number of exchanges are now running on backup power due to power outages in some areas and there has been some damage to our overhead network, with poles down and flooding in underground cable chambers. Despite this, and thanks to our contingency planning, we have not experienced any significant widespread network outages as a result of the storm.” 

Normally, an MBORC (Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control) status is issued following a bout of extreme weather but it looks like Openreach saw this one coming and planned ahead. 

Despite this, BT has begun to receive reports of outages and faults over the last 24 hours. 

A BT spokesperson told Recombu Digital that there are no major service issues at present, unlike the situation in Exeter earlier this month and repairs will begin over the next few days. 

While there are no estimates on the number of poles knocked down or premises affected, Openreach has announced that engineers currently occupied with rolling out superfast broadband could be called on to work on repairing lost connections. 

The service update from Openreach urges caution, strongly advising engineers not to undertake repairs unless it’s safe to do so. 

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