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BT Vision 2: Launching in 2012, YouView by another name?

BT looks set to be launching BT Vision 2, the next generation of its on-demand driven Freeview-plus-extra-bits service BT Vision this year. According to a piece on the Belfast Telegraph, BT Innovate and Design’s 200-strong team is hard at work on BT Vision 2, at BT’s Riverside Tower in Belfast.

YouView on demand catch-up platform

We’ve not a huge amount to go on other than the name at the minute and a vague ETA slated for ‘later this year’. In the same article, there was much mention of work being done on the YouView service.

YouView is a joint venture between BT and the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, TalkTalk, and Arquiva. It’s an on-demand platform that’ll bring together catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and 4oD and streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

We’ve contacted BT to find out more information on BT Vision 2, what other features it’ll have, if there’ll be any new content or if it’s just BT’s in-house working title for YouView. YouView, which has begun a closed trial with TalkTalk customers, is a subscription-free catch-up service thought to be launching this spring.