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BT’s 220Mbps fibre going live and FTTP speed range streamlined

BT will launch its 220Mbps-down/20Mbps-up fibre-to-the-premises option on June 1 after a successful trial.

BT wholesale network provider Openreach will also streamline the range of FTTP connections available for ISPs to sell from September 1.

The 220/20Mbps service will cost broadband providers £225.78/year with VAT – that’s £18.70/month before they add profit, support and admin costs – and you’ll still pay line rental as well.

BT’s 220Mbps fibre going live and FTTP speed range streamlined
BT FTTP: costly up front if you can get it

Without line rental, ISPs will pay BT Openreach £345.60/year with VAT – or £28.80/month – and there’s a £110.40 setup charge for all new connections.

Unless you’re in a new-build home or business already wired up for BT’s FTTP you’ll also have to pay BT Openreach’s FTTP On Demand charges for a connection, averaging £1,500.

BT plans to have two-thirds of UK premises in range of a fibre cabinet by Spring 2014, with more being put in range through state-funded BDUK and Super-Connected Cities rollouts by 2016.

Openreach’s streamlined FTTP range

BT launched its FTTP services with a wide range of services in Summer 2012, but after almost a year it’s decided to streamline the range.

From September 1, the BT Openreach FTTP portfolio will be (prices exclude VAT and line rental):

  • 40/2Mbps at £6.90/month
  • 40/10Mbps at £7.40/month
  • 80/20Mbps at £9.95/month
  • 220/20Mbps at £15.61/month
  • 330/30Mbps at £29.61/month

From then, ISPs will no longer be able to offer connections at 40/15Mbps, 100/15Mbps, 110/15Mbps, 100/30Mbps and 330/20Mbps. 

Customers will still be able to use them until March 2014, by which time their broadband provider should have moved them to another tariff.

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