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BT’s summer rain crises recede in Scotland and south-east England

Engineers working for BT Openreach have returned to normal service schedules as they complete more repair work in Scotland and south-east England.

Flooding and lightning damage caused by July’s snap storms has been relieved in Central Scotland, Aylesbury, East Downs, Southend and Romford.

The sudden downpours and electrical discharges had lead BT Openreach to declare a Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control status for these regions.

BT’s summer rain crises recede in Scotland and south-east England
BT Openreach engineers have been busy this summer

Read more about Why Hasn’t BT Openreach Fixed My Broadband?The MBORC declaration allows Openreach to exceed its normal time limits for reaching customers such as ISPs for both repairs and installing new services.

BT Openreach said: “We continue to focus our efforts in those areas affected to bring the position back to normal as quickly as possible. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and will remove MBORC as soon as service can be restored to levels they were at immediately before the recent poor weather.”

The emergency status remains in place for 17 parts of the UK , from North East Scotland to Swindon.

BT Openreach is the partially-independent arm of BT which maintains the UK’s telephone exchanges and connections to the customer.


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