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Nest smart thermostat slashed to £99 with nPower Intelligent Fix bundle

The Nest Learning smart thermostat can be bought for £99 with a new nPower tariff.

Installation is also included in the nPower Intelligent Fix deal, an online-only direct debit fixed tariff. This represents a saving of £150 on the regular price of £249.

The Intelligent Fix tariff promises to fix energy prices until April 30, 2017. Annual charges are £12 more than nPower’s standard chargeson this tariff, which requires you to take both electricity and gas from nPower.

Nest smart thermostat slashed to £99 with nPower Intelligent Fix bundle
Hot price: The money-saving Nest system is priced at £99 with nPower’s new tariff

The idea is along with the money-saving potential that Nest represents, customers will be able to save even more thanks to the fixed rates of Intelligent Fix. 

Simon Stacey, nPower’s managing director of energy services, said, “We’ve designed this tariff to give customers control over their energy prices until April 2017.” 

“Combined with the Nest Learning Thermostat, customers will have even more control over their day-to-day energy use, even when they’re not at home.” 

Nest has said that you should save around £200 a year on your heating bills if you use the service diligently. 

Lionel Paillet, general manager of Nest in Europe said that on average, UK residents spend £1,342 a year on energy, with 60 per cent of that bill going towards heating costs. By teaming up with nPower, Nest says it’s helping customers make an even bigger dent in energy outgoings. 

Rival energy firm British Gas launched its own Hive service last year, which promises to save customers around £150 a year on heating costs. Hive currently costs £159 to buy on its own, or £199 with full installation included. 

We’ve compared Nest and Hive extensively as well as alongside other leading lights in the emerging smart energy market, including Honeywell’s Evohome, Tado and Heat Genius


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