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Can broadband get cheaper than Primus Saver’s £1.20/month package?

Budget broadband provider Primus Saver has halved the cost of its cheapest rival with a £1.20/month 20GB package.

That’s the headline price: you’ll also be paying £12.79/month line rental and there’s a £20 activation charge, making a total of £15.66/month over the first year.

It’s on a 12-month minimum contract on up-to-24Mbps ADSL 2+, with free UK evening and weekend calls, free UK customer service, a wireless router and itemised electronic billing.

Primus Saver £1.20/month deal

Outside your bundle, there’s a £2/GB charge for extra downloads, and daytime weekday phone calls cost 7.4p/minute, plus a 12.9p connection charge for all calls that aren’t free.

Your free calls don’t include 0845 and 0870 numbers, which cost 6p/minute at all times, while mobile calls to all networks are 12p/min at weekends, 14p/min evenings, and 16p/min in daytime.

There’s free 1571 voicemail and 1471 last number recall, anonymous caller reject is £3.50/month, and other call features cost £2.50/month: call barring, call divert, call waiting, caller display, ring back when free, and three way calling.

Bargain broadband and phone: Direct Save Telecom and Tesco Broadband

Direct Save Telecom charges £2.49/month with 20GB at up-to-24Mbps, adding up to £15.34/month with line rental for free evening and weekend calls.

Tesco is still selling its £2.50/month broadband that tops out at £16.25/month with line rental (evening and weekend calls inclusive) and a 100GB monthly cap.