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Canary update supports iOS 3D touch, filters out background motion

Smart home security camera Canary will let you tweak the jumpiness of the sensors, which will stop it from sending you alerts every time the cat wakes up. 

The remote controlled camera, which comes packed with an array of sensors is really good at picking up on minute changes in your home environment. While this is great at getting a heads up on when the kids get in from school and spotting any potential break-ins, it’s less fun when you get sent a notification every single time tree branches cast shadows into your living room or cars pass at night. 

Thankfully, the updated apps will feature a simple slider in the settings page which will let you change your Canary’s state of alertness from trigger happy to DEFCON 5. 

Related: 5 actual uses for the Apple iPhone 6s 3D Touch and How To Change 3D Touch Settings On iPhone 6S & 6S PlusApple’s 3D Touch, a shiny new feature of iOS 9 on the latest iPhones, will also be present and correct in the latest update. This means you’ll be able to quickly play and access video from the timeline, home screen (not like that it was a problem before) and you’ll also be able to play from the app icon too. 

On top of this, the geolocation feature, which automatically disarms Canary once it notices that you’re home, will be tweaked to be more accurate and power efficient. There’s nothing smart about walking past a smart camera and have it ping you a ‘motion detected’ notification. 

One of the key features of Canary is that it’s designed to get a better sense for not just how you look, but how you move. Unlike systems which rely solely on facial recognition, Canary’s makers say that over time the camera will get a feel for your posture, your gait and other body language identifiers. 

Canary’s CEO and co-founder Adam Sager said: “Too many monitoring and security systems rely on gimmicks or shortcuts to present meaningful video while reducing false alerts.

“From the beginning our system was built to learn, and while this approach is more difficult, advancements like today’s computer vision update demonstrate why it’s ultimately the most appropriate and effective path.”

The updated Android app will land in Google Play later this week, while updates to iOS devices won’t appear in the App Store until after November 2. 

For US owners, there’s some good news on the home automation front – Canary will also be supported by the latest version of Wink in North America. The jury’s still out on when (or even if) IFTTT channels will be hitting the wires, so the rest of us who want to pair Canary with Evohome or Nest will have to wait it out. 


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