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Jon Snow reaches out to Britain’s youth with YouTube election coverage

Veteran newscaster Jon Snow has signed up to present a new YouTube series to help first time voters cut through the spin ahead of May’s General Election. 

Reaching out to younger voters possibly disheartened by Ed ‘What’s Vice News?’ Miliband and David ‘I love The Smiths’ Cameron, the series aims to provide clear and transparent coverage of the facts and key issues. 

Alongside a daily video launching 8:00am on YouTube Spotlight every weekday, Snow will also post explainers, breaking news and party political broadcasts in the run up to the election on May 7. 

Speaking to the Independent, Snow said: “I’ve moved seamlessly into cyberspace. It’s very much aimed at first-time voters, the 18 to 24-year-olds, people who don’t necessarily know a great deal about what’s going on in the campaign and are difficult for terrestrial channels to reach.

“We’ll take one topic every day, like housing or defence, and ITN will make a video, no longer than four minutes long, laying out the issues and what the parties are going to do in as accessible a way as possible.” 

Whether or not the 67-year old broadcaster, who famously struggled to play the first level of Lego Marvel’s Avengers – a game for children – is the right candidate to reach out to the country’s frustrated youth remains to be seen. 

You can check out the inaugural episode of Jon Snow Explains below, where he casts a critical eye over the current housing crisis facing young people in the UK. 


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