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Cheapest broadband ever? Direct Save £2.49/month for 24 months with 20G

Tesco’s £2.50/month broadband has been challenged by Direct Save Telecom’s £2.49/month offer – with a guaranteed price for 24 months.

Stavros TsolakisIt’s an up-to-20Mbps connection with an average speed of 13Mbps – good for ADSL2+ – but the monthly download allowance is just 20GB.

The Direct Save Telecom £2.49 offer requires you pay line rental of £12.85/month, which includes unlimited UK landline evening and weekend calls, and 24-hour UK-based customer service.

That works out at £15.34/month against Tesco’s £16.25/month, or a six per cent saving, but it is a two-year contract.

The package also includes a wireless router worth £35, although there is a £9.95 charge if your exchange isn’t covered by Direct Save Telecom’s network.

Direct Save CEO, Stavros Tsolakis (pictured), said: “Simply put, broadband customers will not be able to find a better deal anywhere in the UK – Direct Save Telecom is proud to be able to say this.

“Prices are going crazy just now. Petrol is going through the roof, there is about to be a 30 per cent increase in the price of a first class stamp, and you do not get much change from a fiver when you buy a pint of beer.

“We are all currently being hit hard in the pocket, and if the forecasters are proved correct, there could be more hard times ahead.”