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Chessington World of Adventures gets WiFi from The Cloud

If you find yourself stuck for something to do at Chessington World of Adventures, know that you can now tap into free WiFi courtesy of The Cloud. 

Guests will now be able to post pictures of family days out online and upload video to social networks as well as access the web – although for sensible reasons, we’d advise against taking a selfie on the 59-foot high Dragon’s Fury ride (pictured). 

A portal page, allowing visitors to check for directions and other resort information will greet users once they check in. Free WiFi is also provided in the Chessington Safari hotel with the new Azteca hotel to be covered shortly. 

Chessington World of Adventures gets WiFi from The Cloud
Chessington’s Cloud-powered WiFi service will help guests find their way around the park

Andrew Le Duc, head of consumer marketing at Chessington World of Adventures Resort said that the WiFi was rolled out in response to more children owning phones and tablets. Le Duc said: “The goal for us is to provide memorable experiences to all of our guests.

“Working with The Cloud enables our guests to take advantage of mobile internet and social media to make the most of their day by planning out their adventure on the go and then sharing their experiences with friends and family as they happen.” 

Vince Russell, managing director at The Cloud said that as consumers have become more mobile savvy, the likes of Chessington World of Adventures Resort have had to enhance the service they provide. 

“Visitors expect to get online and it’s up to the venue to make sure that’s possible,” he said. “Ultimately it’s about helping our partners deliver the experience they need to whilst bringing them closer to their customers by gaining a deeper understanding through data.” 

Free WiFi has come to Chessington as a result of a deal between park owners Merlin Entertainment Ltd, which also owns Alton Towers, where the Cloud also offers WiFi. 

Alton Towers once famously tried to impose a ban on smartphones on a half-term break, after overly-connected parents were spending too long checking work emails on BlackBerrys instead of enjoying a family day out. How times have changed

Image: Jeremy Thompson/Flickr


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