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Chop-Cloc promises to save your bills by interrupting your heating

A new device claims to cut your heating bills without making you uncomfortable by switching off your heating for a set period every hour.

Dubbed Chop-Cloc, the device can be fitted to any thermostat or heating system, saving around 16 per cent on bills (some have reported savings of up to 30 per cent) by “chopping” your heating schedule.

The manufacturer claims the device pays for itself in under a year, and saves the average household about £120 per year – it costs £70 and a trained electrician can fit it in under an hour.

“A Chop is a thermostatically independent period of off-time in an hour of on-time of a heating or cooling system. Done right, Chopping makes absolutely no difference to comfort, but a big difference in saved energy and reduced costs,” the The Chopping Company claims.

It said its ambition is to make this chopping possible wherever it can, saving people money, reducing energy consumption, reducing carbon footprints and “creating a real revolution in energy efficiency”.

Chop-Cloc is said to work because we sense heat by the radiant energy we receive from radiators and other objects in our homes which absorb and re-emit infrared energy, but we don’t directly sense the temperature like our heating system’s thermostat.

When Chop-Cloc switches off your heating, it allows your house to release the heat energy it’s absorbed, so although the air temperature drops and your heating would come on, people don’t notice for a while.

Unfortunately for smart home fans, you can’t operate the Chop-Cloc from your smartphone or when you’re away from home.

Last month, the device managed to get shortlisted for Innovation of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2014.


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