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Chromecast guest mode lets friends connect without WiFi

Chromecast now lets your mates cast content to your TV without having to hop on your WiFi. 

The latest version of the Chromecast app for Android features a new ‘guest mode’. Once you’ve enabled this, all devices within a close proximity will be able to ping YouTube videos and the like to the same TV. 

At least one person will need to be connected to the same WiFi network as the Chromecast in order to enable guest mode. 

Whoever sets it up will be given a randomly-generated PIN to hand out to everyone, to stop your neighbours from trolling you. Unless they’ve got one of these… 

Guets mode means you’ll now be able to have a YouTube party with greater ease. The old Leanback method still works, so if you don’t have a Chromecast you can still sit back with friends and have a jolly good laugh at the latest slice of Internet comedy (NSFW). 

Guest mode isn’t currently available on the iOS Chromecast app and it’s not clear when, or even if it will be. 

The new feature was announced at Google’s I/O conference back in June this year. The new feature was unveiled alongside Android TV and screen mirroring, another currently Android-only feature

Check out Google’s video below for a demo of guest mode on Chromecast. 


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