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Chromecast hits Amazon UK for £65

Chromecast, Google’s Android TV device, has appeared on Amazon’s UK site for £65. 

In what appears to be yet another case of Rip Off Britain, the current price for the HDMI TV device is almost three times as much as the going price in the US, where it’s on sale for $35 (£21). 

The plug and play device lets people stream content from the majority of phones, tablets or laptops, to your TV over WiFi. 

Chromecast hits Amazon UK for £65
Rip off much? At almost three times the US price, we wonder if Chromecast is worth it

While there are several ways to get content from your phone or laptop on your TV screen, part of Chromecast’s appeal appears to be its low price. £21 is an easy buy for anyone but £65 will be more of an investment for some. 

Chromecast has been US-only since it was announced back in July. You still can’t buy one direct from Google Play so this isn’t an official product launch (it’s being sold by King Electronics UK on Amazon). In this case, it might be wise to wait and see what Google does. 

If you do bite and pick one up you’ll be able to access things like Google Play Music and Movies as well as browse the web on your TV using your phone or laptop as a remote. 

There’s nothing UK-specific available at the moment, so BBC iPlayer and 4oD apps won’t work on it. Netflix is the only third party service on board right now, so you won’t be able to get things like Lovefilm Instant or Now TV through Chromecast, at least not yet. 


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