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Local Brummie telly channel offers Clarkson spot on Land Rovers Live

Birmingham’s Local TV channel Big Centre TV has joined the queue of broadcasters begging to offer ousted Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson a job.  

Land Rovers Live, which pits drivers against perilously muddy fields, said that they would take Clarkson under their wing and give him a role on the program, which airs every Wednesday for folk in the Midlands. 

Producer, Matt Cooper told the Birmingham Mail that he thought the format of Land Rovers Live would be perfect for Clarkson and he even promised to ensure that he’s got a hot meal on the table. 

The origins of the ‘fracas’ that led to Clarkson’s suspension and eventual dismissal from the BBC are said to have stemmed from the lack of hot food available at the end of a day of filming. Of course, while it’s highly likely that Clarkson will end up hooning around a field in an old 110 at some point, it’s unlikely to be as part of the Land Rovers Live team. 

The presenter has been linked with more than one rival broadcaster since his acrimonious departure. Pay TV broadcaster Sky denied that it was in talks with Clarkson and his former Top Gear cohorts, James May and Richard Hammond. 

It’s thought that Clarkson and co could find a home on Netflix – which is no stranger to bringing old BBC shows back from the grave – or he launch a subscription channel on YouTube

Top Gear was regularly notching up over 5 million viewers, and other networks are sure to have their beady eye on Clarkson and the loyal following he carries around with him.


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