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Communications Data Bill: Government wants your thoughts on Snooper’s Charter

Communications Data Bill: Government wants your thoughts on Snooper’s CharterAs with proposals on adult content filters, the UK Government wants to hear your thoughts on the draft edition of the Communications Data Bill.

Members of the public are today invited to submit evidence as a parliamentary committee begins its inquiry on the draft of the Bill.

Written evidence (no more than six pages) can be submitted in Word document form (no PDFs) to Hard copy evidence can instead be mailed to:

Clerk to the Lords, Draft Communications Data Bill Joint Committee, Committee Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW.

The deadline for written evidence is 23 August 2012.

The joint committee will ask questions on how the Bill would affect the rights to individuals’ privacy and what effects the Bill might have on attracting business from communications providers overseas. The costs, estimated to be £1.8 billion over ten years, will also be debated.

The Bill, referred to by many as ‘the Snooper’s Charter,’ contains proposals for ISPs to retain internet subscribers’ communications data for up to a year. ISPs are understood to be generally not keen on acting as record keepers at the behest of the Government.

Under the current legal definition, ‘communications data’ refers to what sites were visited (URLs), when and by which address. Information on who spoke to who on Skype, Facebook and email could be traced but the ‘content’ of one’s web activity could not be monitored.

Submissions, whether emailed or hand-written need to be in by the 23rd of August 2012. Head over to the joint select committee’s page for more information.

Hopefully there’s less chance of everyone’s personal data getting leaked, unlike what happened in last week’s embarrasing incident.

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