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County Broadband rural broadband: superfast wireless now in Tendring, Great Bromley and Thorrington

What’s new for County Broadband?

The parishes of Tendring, Great Bromley and Thorrington have been added to County Broadband’s Next Generation Community Access wireless broadband network, at up to 32Mbps each way.

There’s a free low-speed, low-usage allowance, and subscriptions start at £9.99/month for an up-to-8Mbps service – plus installation from £99.

August 21, 2012

Thorrington village sign by Karen Roe/Flickr

What is County Broadband?

County Broadband is a high speed wireless broadband provider in rural North Essex and South Suffolk, focussed on parishes which are beyond the reach of ADSL or FTTC broadband based on BT’s copper phone lines.

Its latest Community Network NGA service offers free connections at 500kbps each way, with 500MB per month usage, as well as high speed paid tariffs.

It works with local parish councils or broadband action groups to develop a plan for coverage, service levels, costs and revenue sharing, with a joint campaign team to drive each project. A new service could also spring from a private sponsor who needs the connection for commercial needs.

Where does County Broadband cover?

County Broadband currently covers the towns and parishes of Acton, Alphamstone, Assington, Bocking, Bradwell, Braxted, Chappel, Coggeshall, Eight Ash Green, Fordham, Foxearth, Gestingthorpe, Glemsford, Gosfield, Great Bromley, Great Cornard, Great Tey, Long Melford, Maplestead, Pebmarsh, Pentlow, Rendlesham, Rivenhall, Silver End, Stansted, Stisted, Tendring, Thorrington, West Bergholt and Witham.

Every location has a hub page that acts as both a service centre for customers and a noticeboard for news and local services.

County Broadband connections explained

What services does County Broadband provide?

County Broadband supplies either a standard Community Network or a superfast NGA Community Network.

The standard service is in its older areas and runs at up to 8Mbps down with 1Mbps up; the NGA service is available in Coggeshall, Eight Ash Green, Fordham Heath, and Rendlesham, at up to 32Mbps each way.

A Business Pro service is also available in the older areas, with faster uploads and unlimited downloads, while businesses with high capacity needs can purchase a bespoke leased-line style service which runs independently of the community network.

As well as high speed broadband, County Broadband also provides VOIP phone services, WiFi hotspots, wireless CCTV networks, web and email hosting, home and office networking support, and PC support and troubleshooting.

How much does County Broadband cost?

Standard installation fees are £99 the antenna and connection to one PC, or £149 to install and set up a wireless network.

For the Community Network connection, monthly tariffs start from £10.99/month for 1Mbps down and 250kbps up, with unlimited downloads, rising to £29.99/month for 8Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

A Community Network NGA connection starts with a free Community Inclusion service with 500kbps each way and 500MB monthly usage. Paid tariffs start from £9.99/month for 4Mbps each way with a 1GB allowance, up to £34.99/month for 32Mbps each way with a 100GB allowance.

Small businesses in non-NGA areas can use the Community Network Pro service, with basic installation of £350 and wireless installation of £399.

Tariffs start from £49/month for 4Mbps down and 2Mbps up, rising to £199/month for 10Mbps down and 10Mbps up. Pro services get priority over other traffic at peak times.

What technology does County Broadband use?

County Broadband uses line-of-sight wireless radio connections. These radiate from its main antenna in Coggeshall, Essex, to a network of local repeater hub antennas on high buildings such as churches and grain silos. Individual customers connect to the local hub antenna via a small antenna. 

Image: Thorrington Village Sign by Karen Roe / Flickr