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Curzon on Demand: Arthouse cinema on your iPad and Samsung Smart TV (video)

Earlier this week Recombu Digital caught up with Philip Knatchbull, CEO of Curzon’s Artificial Eye at the launch event for Curzon on Demand

The new video streaming service that will deliver independent and arthouse movies to your Samsung Smart TV and (later) your Apple iPad. 

Independent cinema’s non-mainstream status isn’t helped by availability, or a lack thereof. Not every town has an indie venue, making checking out the latest film that’s not Transformers 5 and the like tricky. Knatchbull is hoping that Curzon on Demand will help change this.

Curzon on Demand: Arthouse cinema on your iPad and Samsung Smart TV

Knatchbull said: “I think the film makers will come round to seeing the benefit of [Curzon on Demand]. I think film makers like the purist idea of a big public venue showing their films. But I think that it’s more about the ability to get more independent films reaching a wider audience.”

Launching later this month on 1.5 million Samsung connected TVs, the idea of Curzon on Demand is that you’ll be able to rent a movie to watch as it’s being shown in theatres for the same price as a cinema ticket.

So if you’re unable to get to your nearest Curzon cinema, or you don’t want to head out (or you don’t live in London) then you can get a slice of the arthouse experience in your living room for essentially the same money.

You’ll have to provide your own popcorn and beverages but at least your view won’t be obscured by the really tall guy in the row ahead. What’s more, you’ll be able to watch films at your leisure for up to a week.

New releases from Curzon on Demand will cost £6 for a week of viewing (£10 after July), £4 for more recent releases like Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia (pictured) and £2 for classics. Curzon Artificial Eye has a library of around 300 films to sift through, giving you plenty of choice.

As well as launching on Samsung Smart TVs later this month, Curzon on Demand will be heading to up to 50 other platforms including Sky, Virgin Media and Apple TV. Check out our video below for a look at the apps and service in action.


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