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Curzon brings high brow on-demand movies to

Streaming service has inked a deal with arthouse movie company Curzon World. 

Titles including The Great Beauty (pictured) Blue is the Warmest Colour, Two Days, One Night and Amour are now available to rent and buy on the streaming service. is available on iOS and Android phones, Windows and Mac devices, EE TV, Chromecast and selected LG, Samsung and Panasonic smart TVs and thanks to cloud syncing, you can buy and start watching content on one device and continue watching on another. 

The deal with Curzon sees expanding its increasingly varied content menu. As well as big name shows and flicks like Game of Thrones and The Expendables 3, recent deals see viewers able to tap into the best of Nordic Noir and British films too

Simon Homent, European Content Director at said: “We know we’ll always have users who want the latest Hollywood blockbuster releases, so we’ll always have them. 

“That said, as more people get used to on-demand services, there’s an increasing number who want a wider choice on titles. The addition of award-winning international content will continue to set apart from those competitors who do not support local content as strongly as we do.”

Curzon also runs its own on-demand service, Curzon Home Cinema. This lets Samsung smart TV, BT TV and Freesat viewers hit up high brow movies on demand as well as watch online. 

While Curzon already has its own streaming platform, the deal with means it can reach more customers – there’s currently no iOS or Android apps for Curzon Home Cinema. 

Prices to rent films on start at £2.49 per film. Most movies are priced at £3.49 to rent in SD and £4.49 for HD rentals. Whichever resolution you opt for, you’ll have a 48 hour window in which to finish watching the film once you hit play. 

If you want to buy films from, it’s £9.99 for most SD movies and £13.99 for HD titles. We say ‘buy’ – the current terms and conditions state that when you purchase a film from, you only get to keep it for three years, so it’s actually more of a long-term loan. 

Curzon Home Cinema currently only lets you rent movies for a 48 hour period, for around £2 per movie. 


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