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Customers to rate Openreach engineers in London and Liverpool

BT Openreach is giving customers the chance to rate engineers when they visit properties to fit and fix broadband.

The scheme will be trialled in London for contractors and in Liverpool for both Openreach engineers and its contractors, to help Openreach identify how customers are dealt with differently by different in-house and outsourced staff.

Broadband providers will have to opt in to take part, and Openreach hasn’t yet revealed which ISPs have chosen to take part – so why not bring it up in their customer forums?

BT is asking its customers to give feedback on Openreach engineers and contractors
BT is asking its customers to give feedback on Openreach engineers and contractors

BT said: “The trial itself is to gather data and evidence on the types of faults and whether there any pattern to these, the frequency with which they are raised and the speed with which they are resolved by our engineering community.”

If your ISP takes part in the trial, it will cover both Openreach engineers and contractors in the North West (Mersey) Openreach service area, Kelly’s contractors in North/West London, and Quinn’s contractors in West-Central London.

Following a visit from an engineer, if your provider has agreed, you’ll be given a card when the engineer leaves your home. If you have any problems after the engineer leaves, you can contact the call centre up to three days after your original appointment and the call agent will try and rectify the fault for you.

If they are unsuccessful, they will send another engineer out to directly to fix the fault rather than you having to go through your provider again and await a new appointment.

At the end of the trial, due to finish by September 2014, your service provider will receive the feedback you gave them and BT will share the overall results with your ISP so they can act upon the feedback.

In June, BT Openreach launched a website that allows customers to view its performance record, including how long it takes to fix faults in their area. Today’s news is another step for BT to ensure its customers receive better service and faults are rectified quickly.

ISP’s user forums are littered with anecdotes suggesting you’re less likely to get a satisfactory result if you get a contractor instead of an in-house Openreach engineer, while ISPs will no doubt be pleased there’s some way to give feedback on a part of their services over which they have no control.


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