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Deep in the Wood (In Fondo Al Bosco) Review on Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema has added Deep in the Wood to its movie line-up, or In Fondo Al Bosco to give it the original Italian title. This rather obscure and very grim thriller is one of the more intriguing foreign films available to download right now from Sky Cinema, so here’s our full Deep in the Wood review.

If you’re after an action-packed thriller to end your week, or a terrifying horror movie to scare yourself senseless with, then give Deep in the Wood a wide berth. This Italian movie just popped up on Sky Cinema, yet the lack of online reviews means it can be hard to know what to expect. That creepy poster and title suggests a fright fest, but Deep in the Wood is actually a dark, oppressive Italian drama with a healthy dose of mystery thrown in to keep you second-guessing the twisty-turny plot.

The film kicks off in suitably depressing fashion as four-year-old Tommi disappears during a drunken Krampus party, mostly thanks to his alcoholic father’s rather eyebrow-raising lack of responsibility. A frantic search turns up nothing, until five years later when an unidentified child is found hiding out close by. The local police run a quick DNA test and confirm that this miniature vagrant is indeed the missing Tommi, but the kid has no memory of his previous life and acts like a complete stranger when reunited with his parents.

To say any more would risk spoiling the plot, but Tommi’s return is a far from jolly affair. This is a family that was already deeply fractured, even before the child vanished into the snowy woods, and his reappearance only causes old wounds to be ripped open. Suspicion and doubts lead to some brief but shocking moments of violence, with the tension cranked up to dangerous levels by the end of the movie.

Deep in the Wood’s rather slender 88-minute running time flashes by, with some impressive acting and a healthy pace helping to keep interest levels up. There are a couple of twists to the tale as well, and while the first is quite clearly signposted early on, the second genuinely caught us by surprise.

If you’re up for a grim and oppressive foreign flick, then Deep in the Wood is well worth a look. You can stream or download it right now from Sky Cinema.

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