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Department of Information Security: Jacked episode 2

The Snooper’s Charter – or the Communications Data Bill – will begin its bid to become law this autumn, with the aim of handing more of your personal data over to the security services.

Recombu Digital has obtained this information film on behalf of the Department of Information Security, a new government branch charged with managing the vast amounts of personal data which will be mined if the bill becomes law.

The Communications Data Bill is currently open for public consultation – we’ve outlined its main public surveillance goals here, and details on how to respond can be found here.

In summary, CDB would compel ISPs and phone providers to keep records of everyone’s phone calls and online activity for up to a year.

Broadband and phone companies would have to log everything you do and which websites you visit, except recording the content of emails, phone calls and social conversations.

Government agencies will be able to look at where you’ve been and who you contact – online and in the real world via mobile devices.

The Bill has worried civil rights and privacy campaigners, and annoyed the ISPs who will have to do its dirty work.