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Destiny 2: What is Xur selling this week (20th of October)?

What is Xur selling from the October the 20th to the 24th? Find out in our guide, which explains whether each item is worth buying and the Legendary Shard cost.

Another week, another selection of exotic weapons and armour from the creepy, hooded Destiny 2 character that is Xur: Agent of the Nine. Unlike last week, however, he is actually selling a lot of decent stuff.

You can head to the planet of Titan and fast travel to The Rig to find him. A handy icon on the map makes him difficult to miss, especially as he will be there from the 20th to the 24th of October, 2017.

Sweet Business: Is it any good?

Sweet Business is a situational weapon, mainly because its rate of fire is quite slow in short bursts so it is usually outgunned in PvP situations. But in PvE it can be a beast, particularly against bosses that stay in one place.

It looks like a power weapon, but the Sweet Business and its minigun aesthetic is categorised as an auto rifle. The magazine holds 100 bullets and it gets through them with enthusiasm, with the Business Time trait increasing range and rate of fire the longer the trigger is held down.

Recoil is surprisingly manageable and the High-Caliber Rounds perk ensures it can be a pain to shoot back at a player using it. It also has a perk called Payday that improves accuracy when firing from the hip and it can automatically load ammo into the magazine.

If your enemy hangs around or tries to run at you in hordes, it can be seriously effective. For Titan users, you can pair it up with the Actium War Rig chest armour, which steadily reloads a portion of your auto rifle magazine from reserve ammo, for maximum carnage.

Price: 29 Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 exotic: Raiden Flux (Hunter chest armour)

One for Hunters who favour the Arc super. The Synapse Junctions perk boosts the damage and duration of Arc Staff if you land successive attacks, which is fairly easily done in a PvE situation and potentially doable in PvP.

Price: 23 Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 exotic: Doom Fang Pauldron (Titan gauntlets)

Sentinel Titans can benefit from Doom Fang Pauldron because the Horns of Doom perk lets you recharge the Shield Throw when using the Shield Bash melee attack. Not only that, melee ability kills recharges the Sentinel Shield Super.

Price: 23 Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 exotic: Winter’s Guile (Warlock gauntlets)

If you like smacking enemies in the face, you are going to live the exotic Warlock gauntlets known as Warlock’s Guile. Basically, each melee attack that kills an opponent increases the damage of the next melee hit.

In fact, pair up with the Devour and you can run rampage through hordes of enemies using only your fists, which is rather effective when the damage output can be increased up to five times. The downside is that the damage increase lasts four seconds so ideally you need to be heavily outnumbered.

Price: 23 Legendary Shards


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