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Devolo unleashes gigabit Powerline adapters for the future smart home

Devolo has broken the gigabit home network barrier with a new range of Powerline adapters that don’t need any new wires.

The Devolo PLC 1200+ range can run at up to 1.2Gbps over your existing mains power cables, and are the first Powerline adapters with a built-in Gigabit LAN port.

The adapters, which plug into any mains wall socket, also have built-in WiFi AC so you can create ultrafast wireless networks around your home, beyond the range of a single router.

Devolo's PLC 1200+ will transform your home into a gigabit-enabled WiFi hub
Devolo’s PLC 1200+ will transform your home into a gigabit-enabled WiFi hub, it’s also available in UK 3-pin

Devolo said: “The PLC 1200+ is also perfect for state-of-the-art VDSL and broadband cable internet connections, providing a fast, secure and stable connection for computers, consumer electronics and smart home technologies, in any room in the home.”

The device features two antennas for better WiFi reception and runs on 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless frequencies, allowing you to connect to smartphones, notebooks and tablets simultaneously.

Multiple PLC 1200+ adaptors can be installed to form a shared network using Devolo’s WiFi Sync and Clone technology, allowing all your connected devices to jump on quickly and securely and switch between access points to get the strongest signal as you move around your home.

You can also control the connection via a desktop app, allowing you to set up rules and allow access to guests, for example.

The IFA 2014 consumer technology exhibition in Amsterdam will also see the launch of Devolo Home Control, a smart home control system based on Z-Wave technology, which allows users to combine remote power control and switches with motion detectors and timers.


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