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Dig, Branson, Dig: Broadband Rollout Roundup 28/09/2012

This was the week when BT added another 163 exchanges to its fibre rollout plans, but the biggest excitement for Recombu Digital was right outside our front door, as Virgin Media started work on our new fibre broadband connection.

After moving into a new location in central London nine months ago, we’ve been sharing the frustration of anyone with a slow internet connection, uploading our stories, pictures and over a link that often stubbornly refused to rise above 1Mbps.

Welcome to Broadband Rollout Roundup for September 28, 2012.

Virgin Media street works

BT adds a million more homes to its fibre schedule

More than a million homeowners can cross their fingers that BT Openreach’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTC) will be in reach in 2013 after BT named 163 exchanges that will be lit up.

Not every street cabinet will be given a fibre connection to the exchange, but some properties will also be able to get a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) from their local cabinet.

You can find the full list in our ever-updating feature on BT broadband rollout updates.

Digital Region’s superfast dozen

If there was an urban broadband award for just getting on with it, it might go the Digital Region fibre network in South Yorkshire.

Every week the regional infrastructure constructor announces a sackful of postcodes where its FTTC cabinets have been switched on, and this week saw another dozen in:

  • Barnsley: S73 0DG, S73 0DF, S73 1QZ
  • Doncaster: DN6 8HL, DN6 8JF, DN6 8JG, DN6 8HJ
  • Rotherham: S62 7TP, S62 7TW
  • Sheffield: S62 7TN, S11 9DS, S10 1TG

iLovebroadband rides a superfast white horse

Community wireless internet project iLovebroadband has added new masts for Thirsk and Kettlewell in Yorkshire, delivering up-to-50Mbps connections.

Coverage will be further improved in the coming months, with planning permission now approved for three new masts in Upper Wharfedale.

Virgin Media edges closer to Recombu HQ

With the Olympic street-works ban across central London now lifted, Virgin Media contractors have been beavering away to replace Recombu Digital’s clunky DSL connection with a superfast fat pipe.

Three days of digging outside Recombu towers has seen conduit go into the ground and a new manhole, connecting us to the existing Virgin cable on Regent Street.

We’re now awaiting Virgin’s engineers to push a cable through the empty pipe to our front door and into the building, so our IT monkeys can plug it into the local network.

Then we can stop working and start watching YouTube cat vids, which is what the internet was made for, as any fule no.