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Digital Region, Superfast Cornwall, BT’s 11 million: Broadband Rollout Roundup: 27/07/2012

Rollout Roundup has been a bit quieter on the Openreach front this week. With engineers still working on clearing up damage caused by the floods and BT announcing it’s recent quarterly results, there’s been little from Openreach in terms of rollout this week.

That said BT took the time to announce that 11 million homes and businesses in the UK can now order fibre broadband from BT – that’s an extra 1 million up from last quarter and this is while having to content with floods and prepare for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Aside from that we’ve heard announcements of further rollout in two of the regional fibre projects – Digital Region in South Yorkshire ands Superfast Cornwall in, er, Cornwall.

Digital Region, Superfast Cornwall: Broadband Rollout Roundup: 27/07/2012

Digital Region connected more homes and businesses in South Yorkshire

Digital Region announced this week that a handful of new postcodes were able to order superfast broadband (up to 80Mbps) from the likes of Ask4, Origin Broadband, LittleBigOne, Fluidata and Digital City Region.

Over Twitter, Digital Region announced availability in the following locations:

Barnsley (S73 9DP, S75 2LT)
Doncaster (DN3 2JE, S62 5PR)
Sheffield (S2 4LT, S11 8AE)

Superfast Cornwall connects 10,000 Cornish premises

Superfast Cornwall has connected its 10,000th connection this week, with resistor specialists ARCOL Ltd benefitting from the most recent connection.

Alun Morgan, ARCOL’s technical director says that speeds of 92Mbps are now enjoyed thanks to Superfast Cornwall: “Our experience of superfast broadband so far is really superb. The previous broadband line was giving us a download speed of around 1.5Mbps, whereas our new fibre connection is regularly providing 92Mbps of data throughput – a colossal difference, which is giving us the ability to do everything much more quickly.”

Superfast Cornwall – a partnership between BT, the European Union and Cornwall Council – expects to make fibre broadband available to at least 80 per cent of homes and businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly by the end of 2014.

Yesterday saw Superfast Cornwall fibre lighting up premises in Bodmin, Downderry, Gulval & Trevarrack, Mullion and Sithney.

In the 20 per cent of the county where superfast broadband isn’t viable, alternative technologies including wireless and satellite will be used to boost speeds in this area.

BT: 11 million UK homes and businesses now able to get fibre broadband

Though tasked with repairing damage caused by the UK floods, BT has still managed to plough ahead with its £2.5 billion fibre rollout, which is now available in 11 million UK homes and businesses.

BT plans to have two-thirds of the UK able to order some form of fibre broadband by 2014. The types of fibre available will be Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

FTTC isn’t true fibre, with the last mile connection running from the street cabinet to the home made of old-school copper wire. Top speeds achievable over FTTC is 80Mbps.

FTTP by comparison is full fibre all the way to the home. Top speeds currently available over BT’s FTTP lines are 330Mbps.

The idea is that once BT’s trials of ‘FTTP on demand’ are completed in spring 2013, the ability to order in fibre to replace the last mile of FTTC lines (upgrading them to FTTP) will be available to customers. Theoretically, BT’s network is capable of delivering broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps.