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Digital Switchover in London ushered in by ICA’s Remote Control exhibition

The Institute of Contemporary Arts has decided to usher in the Digital Switchover, which begins in London today, in style. The transmitter unit from a PYE klystron aerial that had broadcast Channel 4 since 1982 forms the centrepiece of the ICA’s ‘Remote Control’ exhibition.

The transmitter comes from Arqiva’s site at Sudbury and will be sitting in the ICA until the 10th of June before it’s sent off for recycling.

Digital Switchover in London ushered in by ICA’s Remote Control exhibition

Peter Heslop, Director of Digital Switchover at Arqiva, said in a statement last week that “it’s very pleasing to see the spotlight on the old analogue kit that has served us so well for the last few decades.

There is little or no practical use for the old transmitters so it’s good that at least one of them will take on a final public role before joining the others in the recycling process.”

Arqiva, which provides most of the infrastructure for digital terrestrial in the UK, will also be ushering in the Digital Switchover by turning the Crystal Palace transmitter into a gigantic Christmas tree. Blackpool Tower, eat your heart out.

The Digital Switchover has begun in London today with the analogue transmission of BBC Two finally powering down.

The process, which won’t be completed until the 18th of April, will be completed when the analogue broadcasts of BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5 are powered off for good.

Freeview users in London will need to retune their set top boxes in order to regain BBC channels which will disappear from the EPG during the powering down of the BBC Two analogue signal.