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Digital UK: 400,000 can now get Freeview for the first time

Digital UK: 400,000 can now get Freeview for the first timeDigital UK, the body responsible for the switchover told Recombu Digital that Stage 1 went “very smoothly, with nothing unexpected,” adding that 400,000 homes in London and the Home Counties can now get Freeview for the first time.

“This is the largest region we’ve switched so far,” Digital UK’s Chris Cain told us, adding that viewers in digital TV blackspots such as Sevenoaks and Woolwich ought to now be able to access Freeview.

While many other headlines are reporting that ‘up to a million’ homes lost BBC Two during yesterday’s switchover, Digital UK estimates this figure is slightly less at around the 200,000 mark.

Many homes with old TV sets that aren’t Freeview-compatible will have lost BBC Two, many of these sets aren’t the main household set or are ‘secondary’ sets in kitchens and bedrooms.

So, while its true that millions of TV sets might now be unable to get BBC Two, that’s not to say that millions of households can’t get the channel via Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media or any of the digital options out there.

If you’re a Freeview owner then you will need to re-tune your set top box or TV set if you’ve not done so to get BBC channels including BBC One, BBC Three and BBC News back on your screen.

Check out our guides on tuning your Freeview box and setting up/changing your aerial if you’re still having problems with getting your channels back.

Image credit: Flickr user Brandon Jalbert