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Direct Save launches £4.95/month full fibre broadband for new build homes

Budget ISP Direct Save Telecom has announced some seriously cheap Fibre to the Premises packages. The catch? They’re only available in new build estates. 

The full-fibre services start at an incredibly cheap £4.95/month, which get you download speeds of up to 25Mbps, uploads of 5Mbps unlimited downloads. 

On top of this you get the added benefit of having a full FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connection which means you should get 25Mbps downstream (or very close to that) all of the time. 

If you've got yourself a shiny new expensive house, you can get some shiny new inexpensive broadband
If you’ve got yourself a shiny new expensive house, you can get some shiny new inexpensive broadband

With line rental of £14.45/month added on top, the full monthly cost for Direct Save’s cheapest fibre packages start at £19.40/month, not much more expensive (and in some cases cheaper) than your average unlimited ADSL service. 

Stavros Tsolakis, Direct Save Telecom’s CEO said: “We have had excellent feedback about our new build fibre to the home launch, the product is excellent and the pricing is extremely competitive – it’s quite simple, if people go with Direct Save Telecom they will save money.
“Consumers living in these new build homes are in a very fortunate position as most of the UK does not have the option of high-speed fibre to the home broadband. The only drawback was they had no choice, until now, as seethelight was the only provider who serviced these new builds.” 

While that’s not strictly true, as Hyperoptic almost exclusively delivers gigabit broadband to new builds it’s the first time customers will have had the choice between Direct Save and Seethelight. 

New build rival Seethelight sells FTTP broadband in a number of new builds with prices starting at £10.50/month for a 50Mbps service. 

For those who want a bit more bandwidth, Direct Save is also offering up to 40Mbps, 100Mbps and 300Mbps packages for £8.95/month, £25/month and £48.50/month. Aside from line rental, there’s a one-off £8.95 charge for delivery of a free wireless router and a £70 connection fee for new customers. If you’re switching over from another ISP, this falls to £25 if you’re switching over from Seethelight. 

As of now, you’ll only be able to benefit from these cheap full-fibre packages if you live in one of 40 new build developments and even then Direct Save is only offering services in a handful of those areas at the time of writing. 

Residents of Broughton Grounds Lane in Milton Keynes and Berryfields in Aylesbury can sign up for the new packages now, other developments including Bishopthorpe Road in York and Wyvern Farm in Colchester can’t sign up at the moment. 

For more details of when Direct Save is bringing low-cost FTTP to an estate near you, head over to their site

Here’s how all four of Direct Save Telecom’s broadband bundles break down. Weekend calls are included as standard with the 25Mbps service, Evening & Weekend calls to UK landlines are included as standard with all others. Anytime calls can be added for an extra £5.50/month. 

  25Mb 40Mb 100Mb 300Mb
Download speed 25Mbps 40Mbps 100Mbps 300Mbps
Upload speed 5Mbps 10Mbps 15Mbps 30Mbps
Broadband £4.95 £8.95 £25 £48.50
Line rental £14.45 £14.45 £14.45 £14.45
One off charges £78.95 £78.95 £78.95 £78.95
Total Monthly Cost £19.40 £23.40 £39.45 £62.95
First year cost £311.75 £359.75 £552.35 £834.35



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