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Direct Save puts 76Mbps superfast Fibre Pro back on the menu

Budget ISP Direct Save Telecom has finally relaunched its up to 76Mbps Fibre Pro package. 

The low-cost superfast service was withdrawn from sale last year in tandem with the launch of a slower, up to 38Mbps package

Following a flood of enquiries from customers, Direct Save has decided to reinstate the Fibre Pro package with the original price of £19.95/month. 

Stavros Tsolakis, CEO of Direct Save Telecom said: “When we launched our low-cost fibre product at the end of last year, at the same time we withdrew our superfast Fibre Pro deal as we did not think there would be enough demand for it.” 
“However, I am pleased to say we have been proved wrong as there have been lots of enquiries and requests about it since it was withdrawn. So I am delighted to say as of now we have relaunched it so customers now have the choice between the low-cost fibre product and superfast Fibre Pro.”

Customers who can order FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based services via Openreach can get top download and upload speeds of 76Mbps and 19Mbps plus unlimited usage with Fibre Pro. 

There’s a one-off cost for connection (£24.95) and line rental is charged at £16.75/month. In total, you’d pay £36.70/month. For those looking to make a saving, you can stump up £132 for 12 months’ line rental, which is equivalent to £11/month. That said, Direct Save Fibre Pro is an 18 months minimum deal, so you’ll need to either pay for that last third at the normal rate, or take out another year’s worth in one go. 

Like most ISPs, Direct Save offers to bung in a free wireless router (ZyXEL AMG1202-T10A, WiFi N) and there’s a one-off £8.95 charge for postage, packaging and insurance. You are, of course, free to use your own hardware. 


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