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Direct Save Telecom launches rural broadband package for out of area punters

Direct Save Telecom has launched a new tariff that’ll see those in the sticks able to save some cash. Direct Save’s offer costs just £9.95 a month and is aimed at ‘out of area’ customers – those living in areas where ADSL2+ (which gives speeds of up to 24Mbps) isn’t available at their exchange.

Billed as the cheapest out of area deal in the UK, Direct Save’s £9.95/month offer bungs in a free wireless router, free set-up and free evening and weekend UK calls. Add on the £12.85 for line rental and this works out at £22.80/month.

In some cases, ‘out of area’ broadband is pricey as well as slow; Direct Save’s deal compares quite nicely to similar offers from Sky (£17/month), Plusnet (£17.99/month) and TalkTalk (£21.50/month) for out of area services.

Direct Save Telecom launches rural broadband package for out of area punters

Direct Save estimates that 15 per cent of the UK can’t currently get ADSL2+, meaning they normally have to pay through the nose for fixed-line broadband.

Stavros Tsolakis, Direct Save’s CEO said that “We do not have much influence on when services to rural areas can be upgraded,” but by launching this is “ensuring that rural areas are not hammered with ridiculously high prices.”

ADSL2+ gives you a top speed of 24Mbps, with typical 13Mbps speeds. If you can’t get ADSL2+ in your area then you’ll normally get ADSLMax (up to 8Mbps) or ADSL (up to 2Mbps).

Tsolakis added: “All our customers are important to us irrespective of where they live, and we want to try and give them the best possible telecoms deal available. This is one of the driving factors when setting our prices for rural areas, we are the lowest costing ‘out of area’ broadband provider in the UK.”

Though not quite the same as Wispa’s proposal for sliding pay scales/pay for what you get, this is a step closer to rural broadband customers getting a fairer deal.

Recently, Direct Save launched a £2.49 a month broadband offer, which ties you in to a 2 year contract but sees you saving more than you would with a similar offering from Tesco.

Direct Save also has a 28-day rolling plan if you’re not living at an address long enough to benefit from a long-term contract. Costing £14.95/month for ‘out of area’ customers (£11.95 otherwise) plus line rental, there’s a one-off £24.95 set-up fee but otherwise the service and costs are the same.