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Do Button hits Android Wear in time for Moto 360 and ZenWatch 2 launch

IFTTT’s Do Button Android app now works on Android Wear devices, letting you muck around with Hue lights and change the temperature with your Moto 360

Arriving just as Motorola, Asus and Huawei unleash new smart watches on us at IFA 2015, the updated Do Button app will make hotwiring your smart home that much easier. 

In case you missed the memo and don’t know about Do Button, what it does is makes triggering one specific command – like turning on a smart home appliance – using IFTTT (If This Then That). 

Related: Your Android Wear smartwatch now officially talks to your iPhoneIf you don’t know what IFTTT means (where have you been?) in short, it’s a way of pairing processes so that if you do X, then Y happens. IFTTT can be set up so that new Instagram pics are automatically tweeted and if it starts snowing, you can heat a specific room of your house with Evohome

Where Do Button comes in is that it lets you trigger commands with the touch of a simple button, which in the case of smart home appliances in particular is really useful. Instead of having to open up the Nest app to crank the temperature, you can now do that with the tap of one button. 

Check out our features on IFTTT, how you can use it to hack your life and how to get the most out of Do Button

You can download Do Button for Android from Google Play now. 


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