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Doorbot: when someone’s at your door, this Wi-Fi doorbell rings your phone

The Doorbot has the power to ring your phone instead of the usual ding-dong through your house. 

It is an internet connected doorbell that rings your phone when someone’s at your door. Once connected, the device sends your phone a notification which allows you see who is at your door. 

This is where you can play detective: the app that comes with the device lets you tap into the Doorbot’s built-in webcam, where you can see and talk to whoever is knocking. Busy in the kitchen? Still in bed? Then you can just let your visitor know with a few simple taps on your phone.

Before connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the device can be connected to a power supply or can run off an internal battery for an entire year. 

There is no limit as how to how many smartphones or tablets can be connected to the device. This means that if you’ve got more than one in the family, you can set it so all your phones go off at the same time. Doorbot currently costs $200 (£122) and is available worldwide, for Android and iOS.


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