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Doro delivers loud big-button home phones without the senior stigma

If you want a hearing-aid compatible home phone that doesn’t look like a Fisher-Price toy, Doro’s Comfort phones mix big buttons and loud ringers with DECT and answering machines.

The seven phones are aimed at users aged 50-plus and includes both corded and cordless DECT phones, plus PaBX-compatibility for office and home use.

Both DECT and corded phones are hearing-aid compatible, tested with the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, and their speakers include an acoustic casing to focus sound towards the ear instead of echoing around inside the handset.

All have at least 24dB amplified speakers, and corded phones have a visual call indicator which flashes a green stripe to alert for incoming calls.

Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro UK & Ireland said: “The Doro Comfort concept has been designed to cater for the increasingly diverse needs of the ageing workforce and also to provide a great sounding quality home phone.

“With retirement ages increasing, employers need to recognise and respond to the changing needs of their workforce.

“Common impairments such as diminished hearing and sight loss become more prevalent during our fifties – this can lead to significant difficulty and frustration when using a telephone.

“Businesses must ensure that all workers can use everyday equipment, including phones, efficiently and effortlessly regardless of age.

“The economic challenges that we face globally mean we simply can’t retire as early as we had planned – so many of us will need to work for longer. Businesses must recognise this and act now to address these changes.

“Providing equipment that makes people’s working life easier and more productive is not only important and the right thing to do but is also a legal requirement.”

The range progresses from the £25 Comfort 1000 model (above), through more expensive models with answering machines, high contrast and backlit displays, hands-free speakerphones, headset ports and amplification up to 35dB.

At the very top end is a new corded phone, the Comfort 4005, which has a DECT base-station built in that can pair up with any other DECT cordless handset.

Follow our photo trail to see how the Comfort Range steps up. 

Doro Comfort 1005

This cordless DECT phone retails at £30 and adds a 15-minute answering machine and high contrast display to the Comfort 1000 basic specification.

Doro Comfort 1010

A cordless handset-only DECT phone with a hands-free speakerphone, available for £30 on its own or £45 for a two-phone Duo pack.

Doro Comfort 1015

The answering machine on this cordless DECT phone can store up to 30 minutes of messages, and there’s a speakerphone in the handset. It costs £45 or £55 with an extra Comfort 1010 handset in a Duo pack.

Doro Comfort 3000

The standard corded phone has a high-contrast adjustable display and a 30dB amplified speaker and ringer, with a visual ring indicator running alongside the handset.

Priced £36, it also has a headset port, speakerphone and is PaBX-compatible for office use, with direct wall-mount screw-holes built into the body.

Doro Comfort 3005

Building on the experience of the Comfort 3000 is a corded phone with a 30-minute answering machine and 35dB amplification, retailing at £48.

Both models have a wall-mounting mode where the handset ringer-button can be easily lifted and switched around to provide a hook.