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Easynet adds 80Mbps fibre broadband for business on Sky’s network

Business ISP Easynet has added fibre-to-the-cabinet services running at up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps upstream.

Easynet FTTC servicesThe low-contention managed broadband services use Sky’s national broadband network, which currently reaches about 30 per cent of the UK and is expected to reach 80 per cent by 2014.

The VDSL2 services are 40Mbps with 2Mbps upstream, 40Mbps with 10Mbps upstream, and 80Mbps with 20Mbps upstream.

Easynet can be install within 20 working days and its services come with a UK-based contact centre, online support portal, and a nationwide team of engineers.

Ivan Gunatilleke, Easynet’s UK managing director, said: “As more key systems live in the Cloud, there is a renewed focus on the importance of reliable, resilient and secure networks in the UK.

“With this in mind, our new fibre-to-the-cabinet products offer much faster access, placing speeds onto a par with company LAN speeds for the first time and making Cloud the simple option for UK business.

“This is backed up with Easynet’s outstanding customer service and flexible delivery, making it a powerful proposition for UK business.”

The original Easynet national internet service provider was bought by Sky in 2006. It was sold off as Easynet Global Services in 2010, providing international business internet services.

Sky held onto Easynet’s UK internet backbone network for its consumer broadband services, but Easynet has a long-term access agreement to this network for business users, and owns six international data centres, with a presence in 14 European internet exchanges.