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EE 4G comes online in Newport, Preston, Coventry and 6 other UK locations

EE’s 4G services have arrived Newport, Preston and Coventry as the network continues its drive towards connecting more to faster mobile speeds. 

Residents in Barnsley, Chorley, Rotherham, Telford, Walsall and Watford can also connect to EE’s 4G network. The nine new hotbeds of superfast mobile connectivity brings the total number of areas covered by EE’s 4G footprint to 37, which equates to more than 45 per cent of the population.

EE says that this puts its 4G rollout ahead of schedule and is confident that it’s on track to have 72 per cent of the UK able to access its 4G services by Summer 2013 and 98 per cent population coverage by the end of 2014.

Olaf Swantee, EE’s chief executive officer said: “We’re setting the pace for the delivery of 4G in the UK, and it’s a great achievement for our engineering teams to be able to launch in another nine towns this month, enabling more and more consumers and businesses to take advantage of superfast mobile internet.”

EE 4G is Freeview-friendly – for the time being

Note that right now EE is rolling out 4G services on the 1800MHz frequency band, meaning that this will not affect residents’ ability to watch Freeview TV at all.

We’ve spotted some less-than-helpful advice from scammers doing the rounds, claiming that 4G is already crippling Freeview transmissions which simply isn’t true. Only 4G services on the 800MHz band – which have not yet launched – will interfere with Freeview and there’s help at hand for those who stand to be affected by this.

EE does have plans to launch 4G on the 800MHz band, but this is dependent on the results of the 4G auction and wouldn’t happen until later in the year at any rate.

Currently EE’s 4G services are mainly of benefit to early adopters and mobile users who’ve snapped up the likes of the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE and BlackBerry Z10.

You can also snap up a Huawei Mobile WiFi unit if you need a faster mobile broadband fix. A recent survey of EE customers in Cardiff, Liverpool and Sheffield revealed that the average download speeds of 6.6Mbps and average uploads of 4.1Mbps – not too far from the average speeds acheiveable on fixed-line ADSL connections at the last count.


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