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EE best mobile operator in Hull

EE has been found to be the best mobile operator in Hull, according to independent tests.

The tests, carried out by independent company RootMetrics, found that EE’s mobile internet download speeds were 9.6Mbps on average. Vodafone was found to have an average download speed of 1Mbps, while O2 managed 1.8Mbps and Three, 3.5Mbps.

Three managed to beat EE in terms of network reliability, which shows how often users can connect and then consistently use the network. Three scored 97.3 (out of 100) compared to 95.4 for EE. Vodafone again performed the most poorly in this respect, scoring just 74.3. 

Credit: David Wright

When it comes to making calls, all operators had strong performance. EE, O2, and Three had outstanding, and statistically comparable, call failure rates of two per cent or better. While Vodafone performed worse with 4.9 per cent of calls failing to connect.

In terms of text message delivery, all operators did well and Three got messages to recipients within 10 seconds in all but 0.2 per cent of tests. Vodafone failed to do so in 20 per cent of cases.

RootMetrics last tested Hull’s mobile networks in August 2012, before EE launched its 4G service. Since then O2′s average download speed improved, while its average upload speed remained the same. Three’s average download speed more than doubled since the last visit – presumably on account of its launch of its Ultrafast service – and its average upload speed also showed improvement.

RootMetrics chief executive and president Bill Moore said: “Using our data, we’ve been able to show there is a clear split between the operators in Hull and the surrounding areas. EE is far ahead of its competitors thanks to the introduction of its 4G service, which offers incredibly fast mobile internet. This is going to become more important for people as they increasingly use their mobiles to search the internet, listen to music or watch videos.”

“It’s also clear that those in rural areas are being underserved. Those living outside Hull get a consistently poorer service from their networks than those in the city, despite paying exactly the same. When their contracts end, they should carefully consider who will offer them the best network service and value for money.”

As reported by Recombu, local telco KC is bring fibre broadband to 15,000 locations throughout 2013 and this looks set to increase broadband speeds significantly. In some instances, up to 300Mbps.


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