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EE BrightBox: The new router for Broadband From EE

EE BrightBox: The new router for Broadband From EE

There’s lots to take in with the announcement of Broadband From EE and lots to say about the EE BrightBox – the slimmed down, sexed up router that comes bundled with EE’s new fibre services.

Designed by EE itself, plenty of effort has been made on keeping the BrightBox as small as possible. EE says that it’s so small that it can be posted through a letterbox, the idea being you get one delivered without anyone having to be in to sign for a package.

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If you’re ordering fibre broadband from EE, someone will still have to be around to let the Openreach engineer in mind…

Boasting twin aerials and speeds of up to 150Mbps, the Wireless N (802.11 b/g/n) EE BrightBox automatically searches for the least congested wireless channels and boasts a powerful a 350-metre ‘flat’ range.

EE is claiming that this is the most powerful router in its class and will offer the widest and most reliable in-house wireless coverage.

As well as having a dedicated VDSL port for connecting to the Openreach modem, the EE BrightBox will have three 100Mbps Ethernet ports and a single USB 2.0 port.EE BrightBox: The new router for Broadband From EE

The USB port can be used in a couple of interesting ways. You can attach a network drive to the router and then everyone can access what’s on the drive. Alternatively, you can attach a 3G or 4G mobile broadband dongle to the BrightBox and it’ll act as a backup connection – routing all traffic over the cellular network if your fibre connection fails.

Stay tuned for more spec, images and hands-on pics as and when we get them.


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