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EE regains broadband complaints crown, BT remains most moaned at TV provider

EE has topped the charts for most moaned about ISP while BT retains its status as worst TV provider, in terms of complaints. 

Ofcom’s latest consumer satisfaction survey puts EE back in the top spot for broadband-related complaints.

On average, EE has been the most complained about ISP since Ofcom began these reports – although last time Ofcom posted figures, it was BT who took the complaints crown

'Don't you DARE put me on hold again motherf-' 'I'm just putting you on hold.' 'FFUUUUUUU'
‘Don’t you DARE put me on hold again motherf-‘ ‘I’m just putting you on hold.’ ‘FFUUUUUUUUUUU!’

While BT hasn’t won the dubious honour this time round, Ofcom notes that it did, along with TalkTalk, generate above industry average complaint levels. 

Yet again, Sky and Virgin Media generated complaint volumes below the industry average, with Virgin Media earning less complaints the any other ISP. 

Being top of the class apparently isn’t enough for Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media’s Chief Executive Officer, who said: “Whilst it is great to see customers have told Ofcom we are better than BT, Sky and TalkTalk, there is always room for improvement. We believe we can do even more and are working hard to deliver the best customer experience every time.” 

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Despite improvements in handling customer quibbles, BT is still the most complained about pay TV provider. Most of the complaints here were related to service faults, billing and how complaints were handled. 

Once again, TalkTalk is also on the naughty step for generating an above-average level of complaints while pay TV veterans Sky and Virgin Media, who probably know a thing or two about keeping customers happy, beat the industry average. 

Overall, EE has a history of relatively poor customer service, although the figures show that things are slowly improving. BT consistently generates more complaints for its TV service and the figures suggest that great improvements haven’t been made here yet. 


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