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EE Broadband figures continue to grow, but not as quickly as EE 4G

EE has posted its latest results, showing a slight increase in fixed-line broadband customers. 

A total of 718,000 subscribers take internet services from EE. The majority of those, 714,000, are EE Broadband customers. 

That’s up by 10,000 from the last quarter but still down on figures from a year ago. In the third quarter of 2013, EE Broadband had 723,000 broadband subscribers or 1.2 per cent more than it does today. 

EE’s remaining 4,000 internet customers take narrowband (AKA dial-up) services. 

EE Broadband figures continue to grow, but not as quickly as EE 4G

Read more about Recombu Digital’s UK Broadband Customer League TableDespite EE not having as many domestic broadband subscribers as the big four, it’s making headway with its 4G rollout. 

In the last three months, EE added half a million 4G customers, taking its total subscriber base to 1.18 million. 

Neal Milsom, Chief Financial Officer of EE, said: “Consumers and businesses across the UK are recognising that EE has the best network for the smartphone era, with more superfast 4G coverage than all the other networks combined.” 

Independent speed test scoring courtesy of RootMetrics has shown that on average EE’s 4G speeds are higher than the UK average fixed line speeds. Maybe people are less prepared to pay for broadband from EE when they know they can get a faster service from the mobile network. 

The launch of 4G Home Broadband from EE in November could change this. Customers will be able to sign up for a fixed-line type broadband experience that uses EE’s 4G network to deliver faster speeds. 

Details of the service aren’t yet known, but it’s thought that the service will be similar to what’s been made available to residents of Cumbria who took part in an early 4G technical trial. It would be interesting if EE was able to combine 4G and FTTC connections to provide a hybrid service, in a manner similar to Multipath, something the company is uniquely positioned to do in the UK market. 


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