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Eminent e-Domotica Remote controls your home via phones and tablets: Digital Home

Dutch tech brand Eminent has launched its e-Domotica wireless home automation system that can be controlled and communicate with you via the internet.

The e-Domotica range includes power and lighting switch adapters, wireless video cameras, motion and smoke sensors, door sensors, sirens and a simple touchscreen controller.

The devices link to your home network and can use this to communicate with you via smartphone and tablet web browsers, email, SMS or even voice messages.

You can kick off with the £900 e-Domotica Starter Kit, that includes two power socket adapters, a motion sensor, smoke alarm, motorised indoor day/night video camera and touchscreen control.

As well as on-off switches for power and light sockets, there are dimmer units and compact control boxes which can be wired inside any light switch or power socket.

The e-Domotica range also uses Z-Wave technology that lets you combine groups of devices so they will switch on and off together – such as the lights and TV when you get home.

Z-Wave can also act as a range extender for controllers and devices which are outside the range of your home network.

If the smoke alarm, motion sensors, video cameras or door and window sensors are activated, you can be alerted via an email, SMS or voice message and use the cameras to see what’s happening through any web browser.

Individual power socket adapters and entry sensors cost around £50 and remote control cameras start at just over £110.