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Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 and EM8102 coming to the UK: Smart TV Tuesday

More set-top box fun for this week’s Smart TV Tuesday; Eminent’s WEB-TV EM8100 and EM8102 boxes are headed to the UK.

Though not the most snappily-titled STB’s we’ve seen, Eminent’s WEB-TV boxes are capable media players that supports a wide range of file formats (including ISO files), True HD and DTS-HD pass through the HDMI. We’re told that they connect to “almost” every TV set too.

Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 Eminent WEB-TV EM8102

There’s also a web browser, apps for Vimeo, Facebook and eBay and weather services thrown in, plus video on-demand content via Acetrax and YouTube.

The presence of a web browser means that, in theory, on-demand services like blinkbox, Netflix and LoveFilm can be watched regardless of apps – no word yet on if it supports Adobe Flash.

The WEB-TV homescreen can also be customised, giving you shortcuts to your favourite channels or apps using good old fashioned drag and drop. It’s also possible to customize the WEB-TV Box portal overview. The consumer puts his or her favourite channels next to each other via a single-click and drag-motion.

Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 Eminent WEB-TV EM8102

Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 and EM8102: Specifications

Specs-wise the Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 (above) and EM8102 (below) are more or less the same. They both support the same range of audio and video codecs, have HDMI and LAN/Ethernet ports and have similar dimensions.

They differ in that the EM8102 box comes with a hard drive of its own for recording programmes plus the ability to play files from a USB hard drive or any machine connected on a local area. So if you’ve got several GBs worth of movies stored on your desktop and you want to watch them on your big 52-inch HD TV, then the EM8102 saves you the hassle of having to rip them to a portable hard drive.

Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 Eminent WEB-TV EM8102

As you can see, there’s a few more connections ’round the back of the EM8102 including a USB 3.0 client port next to a single USB 2.0 host port and a faster 1Gbps LAN port, compared to the 100Mbps port of the EM8100.

Eminent WEB-TV apps for iOS and Android: Turn your phone into a remote control

As with any set-top box or Smart TV service worth its salt, there are iOS and Android apps available that’ll let you turn your phone or tablet into a remote control.

These come in addition to the more traditional remote controls as well as a wireless keyboard which features a touchpad of its own.

Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 Eminent WEB-TV EM8102

No prices have been announced for the Eminent WEB-TV EM8100 and EM8102 but we’re told they’re coming to the UK, having been previously announced for Eminent’s native Dutch market.