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Everything Everywhere 4G live trial hits Cumbria on the 1800MHz band

Everything Everywhere 4G live trial hits Cumbria on the 1800MHz band

Everything Everywhere’s launched another live trial of 4G LTE, this time in Threlkeld, Cumbria in the north of England.

The trials, demoing 4G LTE on the 1800MHz band, will see up to 50 local residents making use of faster speeds from now until the end of July.

Threlkeld, home to one of the Lake District’s most visited peaks, is sitting in one of the UK’s broadband blackspots, so a live trial makes sense here. Previously, Everything Everywhere has conducted a live 4G trial with BT in Redruth, Cornwall to see how 4G LTE performed in the sticks.

Commenting on the trial, the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove said:

“Cumbria has unique needs due to its sparse population and long distances, which 4G LTE will help overcome.

Cumbria’s schools and educational opportunities will be revolutionised by this technology. Cumbria’s record number of small businesses will be transformed by this next generation technology. 4G will bring jobs to rural areas and all the benefits of superfast broadband in education and health to its remote communities.”

Orange and T-Mobile 4G LTE rollout: 1800MHz dependent on Ofcom approval

The 1800MHz band, which Everything Everywhere currently uses for 2G services, can theoretically support 4G LTE. Nationwide rollout of 4G LTE on the 1800MHz frequency is dependant of Ofcom approval.

Everything Everywhere, the super-network formed by the Orange and T-Mobile merger, owns 83 per cent of the 1800MHz spectrum, 25 per cent of which will eventually be sold off. Even so, that gives the network a big advantage over the competition right now.

Ofcom approval is needed because prior to the 4G LTE spectrum auction in the UK, Everything Everywhere remains the only network capable of launching 4G LTE services.