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Extant series 2 episode 1 fires up on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The second series of Halle Berry’s sci-fi vehicle Extant is available to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video now. 

Picking up where the previous series left off, the first episode of Extant season 2 can be streamed now from Amazon’s website, alongside the entire first season for those who missed out the first time round, or need a refresher.  

Amazon has bagged exclusive streaming rights to the show in the UK. Like Vikings and Constantine, Amazon will be drip-feeding new episodes to subscribers every Thursday, rather than letting folks binge-watch their way through it in one sitting. 

Chris Bird, film and TV strategy director at Amazon Prime Instant Video said: “Last Summer, Extant broke records on our service, quickly becoming one of the most watched premieres in our history. We’re delighted to be able to bring the next installment of this star-studded suspense thriller to UK fans.” 

As well as being able to stream Extant online, you can also stream on Fire TV, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire tablets as well as iPads and selected Android tablets. All last and current-gen consoles can also access Prime Instant Video. 

Provided you’ve got enough bandwidth and the right kind of smart TV, you’ll also be able to watch Extant in 4K Ultra HD for no extra cost. 

Prime Instant Video costs £6.99/month to Amazon customers who don’t have a Prime next-day delivery account. Prime subscriptions cost £79/year and come with access to Prime Instant Video for no extra cost. 


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