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Fear The Walking Dead season 2 release date: April 11 on AMC from BT

Season 2 of The Walking Dead spin off Fear The Walking Dead shambles on to BT TV screens next week. 

Picking up where the original six-episode season left off, Fear The Walking Dead’s second run will expand the story with a 15-episode arc and see the crew of the Abigail literally plot their next course. 

While readers of The Zombie Survival Guide will no doubt have cheered the Clark’s decision to head out to water, showrunner and executive producer Dave Erickson hints that it’s not going to be smooth sailing. Erickson said: “I think we’ll quickly realise that the ocean is no safer than land and that there’s a very different level of adversity and threat on the water. It forces the characters to set their sights on a destination.”

Related: How can I stream or watch The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead?Fear The Walking Dead’s first season was set predominantly set in and around Los Angeles, some weeks before the events in The Walking Dead kick off. Erickson added that while the series relates to events in The Walking Dead – currently in its sixth season – it’s essentially its own beast. 

“For season one, we talked quite a lot about the idea that we were covering the timeframe in which Rick Grimes was in his coma at the very outset of The Walking Dead. Viewers were getting a window on what he missed. But if you actually look at the breakdown of season one of Fear, it wasn’t a case of ending on a final frame in the finale from which you could have cut to Georgia just as Rick was about to wake up. If you look at the timing, we’re actually still shy of that point by a couple of weeks.”

In other words, there’s plenty in store for Travis and his ‘blended family’ as the press pack puts it. The show could co literally anywhere within a 3,000 mile radius of Los Angeles. Erickson joked about the crew setting off to Hawaii to shoot ‘zombies in paradise’ but given the crew has been busy shooting Mexico, it’s a safe bet that everyone will be heading south this season. 

Fear The Walking Dead premieres in the UK on AMC from BT, which is available to BT TV customers on channels 332 (SD) and 381 (HD). Sky TV customers taking the BT Sport Pack can find AMC from BT on channel 192 (SD) and 276 (HD). 

Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now while the latest episodes of The Walking Dead on Fox, which you can get on Sky+, Sky Q, Virgin TV, TalkTalk TV and Now TV.


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